Friday, March 09, 2007

Family Gathering

A gathering of items representing family members from the early 1900's to April 2006, all found in the attic. The violin, missing strings and other parts, is something my husband picked up at a garage sale intending to use the case for a design project. My father and younger brother played the violin...everyone in my birth family plays or played at least one musical instrument. The little photo album in front was my maternal grandmother's and contains photos from her youth (early 1900's). The letter is from my father to her (1949). The teacup is of unknown origin. The roses were given to me last year by my husband on our anniversary (25th). The photo in back is a portrait of my paternal grandmother's family (she is the young girl with a bow in her hair). I arranged all of these items on a table top just below the window in my little attic studio. We had such a lovely time together. Soft Pastel 19" X 25"


Penny said...

The soft pastel work you are doing is fantastic. I especially like the florals -- but the details in this piece are also fantastic!!

Robyn said...

Beautiful composition and a charming idea.

phthaloblu said...

I love the style. This is just beautiful! The shine on that violin is perfect. Wonderful work!