Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Girl in a Hat

9 X 12 oil on panel. Fairly happy with this one. This is based on a photo of one of the models from the Peggi Kroll Roberts workshop Larry went to this past summer... It's damn hard to paint during a slump...a persistent slump. The End.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

First Piano Lesson

Probably not, but Mom really was a piano teacher, and Nancy really did take piano lessons eventually. So did I. I don't know if Walt did or not, but he broke the leg off the piano bench, I think. We were all grounded for it because we all said we didn't do it. All I know is I didn't and Nancy wouldn't lie (right Nancy?) you do the math.

I painted this for my sister in appreciation, love & admiration for making sure Mom & Dad have/had a comfortable and loving elderlyhood. I hope she can stay around long enough to take care of me, too. Ha Ha Ha....put that piano leg down!!!!!

oil on 9 X 12 panel