Saturday, July 17, 2010

Key West Sunset Reflection

Another oil on 6" X 8" panel from a photo taken while on a dinner cruise off Key West; summer '08 concert tour with Davidson Singers. We passed an island with this barn-like building which glowed in the fiery sunset. Those were some mighty fine times!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Italy Concert Tour 2010

I've decided to try oil painting (again after 30+ years!) since I have to "pastel" in the attic (dust problems), and the attic is not air conditioned. I can paint with oils in the bedroom & have some nice colorful smudges on the bedspread. This painting is "break-through" for me in the literal sense since I've been unable to do anything artistically since sometime in 2008. I am hoping to deliver myself from a career that I dreamed I would retire from with great satisfaction, but instead has left me longing to go back and try something else. Oh well, wah waaaah. Who knows where this will lead...