Thursday, December 01, 2005

Newport Livingroom

This is a bad (blurry) scan of a pastel painting I did of the living room in our Newport, KY house...while sitting on the couch. The nice thing about doing a painting of your livingroom is you can leave out all the clutter; shoes, papers, clothes, empty glasses, books and magazines, laundry, dustballs, things the cat dragged in, etc. I mean, if that's what YOUR livingroom looks like. The end.


Sparky said...

No kidding. I KNOW your living room doesn't look like that. But it's a nice pastel anyway. I like the thick puffiness of the rug.

Linda said...

MY living room never looks like that. Cluttered I mean. Nope. Nor does it look as good as yours, though. Sigh.
I really like this! You're very good with pastel, did you know that?