Monday, November 14, 2005

My First Corpse

Sounds like a new toy for this holiday season, but it's not. This is my first corpse. My "section" is the second from the top, of four (divided horizontally). I am currently working on the final section of my third corpse. I highly recommend participation in this fine-art-by-unpredictable-collaboration "game", if for no other reason than to enjoy the "critique" of completed corpses.


Linda said...

That is fascinating! I've seen the (old) exquisite corpse books / drawings, but never one that was so, well, "collagey." I like!

Linda said...

Lynne -- I just went to -- what an amazing site! And especially after looking at some of the corpses that WEREN'T so well blended, I gotta say, you did good, girl!

Lauralyn said...

This looks like fun. Your section blended it great I think. Look forward to seeing more of these!