Saturday, October 08, 2005

Illustration Friday "Lost" (tooth)

I just could not come up with anything to submit for this week's topic, "Lost", until it literally popped out of my head...and fell into my lap (crown & post) . Of course, I took advantage and did a quick sketch before jamming it back in from whence it came. Timing is everything.


Laura said...

With this, and in case I'd had my doubts, I can tell definitively that you and Wally are, indeed, members of the same great Finno-Italic clan,the Nortay-Tortas. I'm glad to know that your tooth is now back where it should be. Great drawing, Nelly.

Linda said...

When all the rest of us would have run around the house in a panic, you sit and draw. That makes me laugh! This is great!