Sunday, February 08, 2009

Jones Beach

Did this just a couple of days ago: pastel on sanded paper approx. 19"x14". I think my work has a whole new "feel" to it since the "threshing" incident, don't you? I know it's put a whole new slant on my perspective of the world. I owe my recovery to all of you! Thank you thank you thank you!


Donn said...

You did very well with your pastel painting. Really nice. Glad to hear you are feeling better now.

Peachtreeart said...

Very good and realistic!

Owen said...

Wonderful work.

problemchildbride said...

Threshing can sure be a bummer all right. There are threshing-victim support groups though. I mean I don't know that, but there miust be, right? Stands to reason.

Lovely work, Nelly. Lovely colors, you've chosen too.

Terry Murray said...

You are SO back, baby! This is fantastic. I can feel the surf (and then I try not to look out the window at the mountains of snow - admittedly melting now that it's above zero [Celsius], but still lots of snow here in Toronto).

Nelly said...

I tend to be ejected from support groups for my alternative points of view. The eyebrow raising thing is astounding. My friend, Gretchen, went through the same sort of obsession in developing the skill to perform the "railroad signal" mouth. (lips form a diagonal line in alternating directions). She needed to demonstrate this capability to her ballet instructor for consideration as a company member.

Thank you all for viewing!

Ana Tirolese said...

Wonderful work.

marancat said...

Such a sense of movement in this - the wave is wonderful

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