Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In Good Hands

I found this picture in a box of my parents' photos. It's my mother with my daughters Allie and Andrea (both in their mid 20's now) on a walk at ? park, and must have been taken by my dad. Such a sweet, peaceful moment in time.


Penny said...

This painting? pastel?? is just gorgeous. I love all of your work and look at it frequently! The way you use color and the detail you get into your drawings. I'd love to know sizes and what medium they're done in! Thanks for posting your work!

aPugsLife said...

Wow, very warm. :)

Nelly said...

Penny, all of my recent work is with soft pastels though I've done oil & watercolor in the past (way past). This piece is done on 9X12" Art Spectrum Colorfix paper. Some previous work, like the two recent landscapes, were done on 19.5" X 27.5" Colorfix paper. Thank you for your comments. In the future, I will be writing more about each piece (as I've been prompted by my brother "Crackskull Bob AKA Wally Torta) and husband "The Daily Combover").