Friday, September 16, 2005

still life with bathroom cleaners

Blind contour with typography and a little color added to calm the eye. This challenge made me mad, but I was in a bad mood anyway. Maybe that's why I selected these items to draw. But I like the way it turned I'm in a good mood again. Thank you.


Cin said...

the type is so terrifically jittery!!

Janey said...

I'm always surprised at what people are doing for BC. I would never have thought of cleaning supplies and these are great. They look like they're about to jump out and start cleaning by themselves.


pedalpower said...

What a neat still life...who would have thought it...bathroom cleaners.

You did a great job on this...I love the lettering! Oh, and and the brush!

cosmos said...

Nice drawing.

Mr. Clean

cosmos said...

nice drawing.