Friday, July 29, 2005

Several months ago, I discovered the joy of pipecleaner doodling...or "PipeDoodles" as I call them. I have some pretty elaborate and wierd things I've created, including a red Volkswagen Beetle, an aquarium scene, and many strange characters. I find a lot of the smaller ones scattered about the house as they make great kitty toys. Some are made entirely out of pipecleaners while others include beads, buttons and other stuff I find under the bed and between couch cushions. I took my collection to work one day and basked in all the oohs and ahhhs, and you're wierds, which in retrospect, was probably not a great idea since I am currently unemployed.


botfot said...

You should put up a website to sell these. By the way, are you the same Lynne who used to call her sister "Monkeysheets"?

Nelly said...

Who, me? Why, I'd never call my sister that. Would I?